Book Review: The Alchemist (10th Anniversary Edition) by Paul Coelho

Having always had this book on my must-read list I finally decided now was a good time to read it and I’m glad that I did. The 10th Anniversary Edition boasts a new preface by the author, where he reminisces about getting published, translated and selling a lot of copies of this book, which was quite a remarkable journey and Paul Coelho is very humble about it all.

The Alchemist is a simple but powerfully spiritual story, which is beautifully written and appeals to a wide range of readers. For a short time it is ok to suspend cynicism while you read about our protagonist Santiago, who has a dream about travelling to the Pyramids in Eygpt, he then meets a king who urges him to pursue this dream.

Santiago goes on a journey from Spain to Africa and the desert beyond. Easy phase of his journey teaches him something about himself, the world and his spirituality. He meets the Alchemist who opens his eyes to deeper wisdom and discovers that what he seeks has always been within his reach from the beginning.

Simplicity is the great strength of this book and I enjoyed reading it, it was imaginative and subtly poignant.


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