A Serious Look At My Slimming…

Today’s Slimming World meeting was about home truths and got me thinking about my weight loss. I’ve been hovering for a while around the same weight. When I say while I mean about 3 months. I know I want to lose weight. I know I need to and I really want to, but I need to focus and think about reaching target, and what it means to me.

One thing I definitely have not been doing is visualising myself at target. This is a very powerful tool and actually doing so today I realised how much I really want to lose weight. Today I faced the naked truth in the face when I kept an all-in honest food diary. I realised I was eating biscuits and not counting the syns and it explained why my slimming has slowed.

I lost weight today but I could do much better and with the diary in hand I hope to keep on losing weight. If I don’t lose weight next Saturday I will be asking for more help by keeping a Slimmers Against Sabotage log. If that doesn’t work I will turn to my Slimming World consultant and ask her for guidance. No more coasting, it’s time to shift everything I don’t want in my life anymore.


Photo credit: rakratchador torsap

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