The only way to be truly misogynistic is to be a woman, — Randy K. Milholland

For many months now I have had recurring thoughts about how awful women are to each other. I start with myself here, I am willing to let certain behaviours in men slide but I hold fast unreasonable judgements about women. There, I’ve admitted it, on some deep primal level I’m a misogynist, but I am not alone in this hypocrisy. I am just a product of my environment like many others.

Who hasn’t grown up hearing sexist attitudes and comments? Be it from male family members, teachers, or on TV/film, we are programmed from an early age to assign gender roles and personas, but as women we are harsher judges of other women, why? Is it an evolutionary thing? Is it a way of dealing with the competition?

Margaret Thatcher is a prime example of a woman who did little to help other women from an elite position. Apart from being quoted to have said she did not think she would see another female Prime Minister, “in her lifetime,” she went on to freeze child benefit and criticised working mothers. Moreso she never appointed a woman in her cabinet with any power.

Anyway back to my own personal misogyny, I judge women harshly. I hold them to an unrealistic high standard, when the point is, who am I to judge anyone? If every woman took a second and thought about what qualifies her to judge/criticise another women it would be a much fairer society.


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