Facing Slimming Dilemmas

I love Slimming World, do not get me wrong, I think the organisation embraces healthy eating and nutrition and delivers it to us slimmers in easily understandable and sustainable ways. However, there comes a time in our slimming journeys where some of us just get stuck. We just can’t seem to get our weight any lower or we gain and hover and as a result we feel low and reach for a chocolate bar or biscuits.

This is where group is the remedy. Staying to group isn’t about being rewarded by applause because you lost weight and it definitely isn’t about making you feel ashamed because you didn’t, but it’s about picking up tips to make your diet more variable and healthy, sharing your difficulties with others who are also in the same boat, helping those who are new or struggling themselves and asking those who have reached target how they circumvented pitfalls. It’s a place of meeting and helping yourself and others.

However, at the end of the day we are all responsible for what we decide to eat and if going to group still isn’t helping any of us lose weight then writing an honest and extensive food diary and asking your consultant to look it over will probably hold the key. None of us know it all no matter how long we have been members and if you think you should have lost weight but the scales told you otherwise, then the food diary it a powerful tool to identify what maybe sabotaging your weightloss.

The reality for most of us who are stuck and/or coasting Slimming World members is that we know exactly what we are doing but find it hard to modify our habits and behaviours and to leave the desserts, sweets and cakes alone. It has been suggested that sugar is addictive and many detoxing regimes are out there to help us remove our need for sugar, but to really get to grips with our sugar addiction we have to identify and face it, then make changes we want to in order to tackle our excess of those sweet things and lose weight.

It isn’t about going without at Slimming World it really is about how can you enjoy what you like without sabotaging your weight loss? We have the option to eat our high calorie snacks moderately, or replace with lower fat and sugar items and to find other things we may equally enjoy. Again, this is where group comes in, if you enjoy your Cadburys Wispa bars you can bet a lot of others in your group do too. In fact, even those who have reached target would have faced your dilemma so how did they do it? How did they have their chocolate and lose weight? Well, you would have to come to group and ask them to find out.



  1. I think no matter what diet people are on, we all end up stuck at a certain weight, I know I did when I was dieting heavy, you just need to keep up with the good work 🙂 I did try slimming world but just couldn’t get on with it at all although I have a lot of friends who use it and swear by it!


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