Lost For Words…

The last four entries on my blog have been re-blogs, they are fine blog posts which I enjoyed reading and sharing and I say a big thank you to the respective bloggers for their great posts.

Those who have been reading my blog for a while may have noticed a change in content. The reason for this is that I can no longer share thoughts relating to my mental health on my blog, I must take these to formal group therapy. This is a condition of the psychodynamic treatment I am receiving. I have been humbled by the response I got to my posts about mental health, it was heartening to realise I was not alone from the messages I got and still get from people who can relate to the emotions, low mood and inner conflict of being anxious and depressed. Although I can no longer post about my OCD, anxiety or depression I am still happy to answer queries from those with questions.

Not being able to write about anything related to my own mental health is hard as I have shared so much on this blog. I don’t regret a single post I made nor do I regret talking openly and honestly about having OCD, anxiety and depression. It is with great reluctance I removed some of my posts but I need to symbolically remove this blog as an emotional outlet for now. The act of removing them was difficult for me as I do not go back on what I have written and I have only ever presented the truth from my point of view for which I make no apology. I simply wrote what I observed and experienced, I didn’t force you to act this way so I could blog about you.

I will be sticking to book reviews, Slimming World and my experience of skincare, make-up etc., just things of a lighter nature as I enjoy blogging and will not be giving it up after all the hard work I put into this blog for 18 months. I wish all my readers a good day and hope you will continue to tune in when I post. Thank you for being there.



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