Book Reviews

Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge

This is a gripping psychological thriller about Chloe Benson who wakes up in a dark underground place with no memory of how she got there, somehow she manages to escape but once safely admitted to hospital realises 7 weeks of her life are missing. The last thing she remembers is her husband’s birthday party. Counteracted at every turn by her husband and his relentless planning and logic Chloe determines to unearth what happened to her but can she get out from under his control. Can she save herself?

A stunning, well-written thriller that is almost tactile, you can’t help but be in Chloe’s position asking yourself what would you do? You suspect everyone and even when you think you have it figured out there are twists. I admit it’s not entirely unpredictable but the journey is thrilling.


The Cellar (Cellar book 1) by Natasha Preston

Summer Robinson is kidnapped and held with three other girls in the cellar of a house by a man who works as an accountant by day and is an abductor, abuser and rapist by night. As easy as this book is to read I found it too simplistic and repetitive. The themes of kidnap, abuse and maniacal behaviour were merely adequately covered.

I was left wanting to know more about Clover and his formative experiences whereas I found the parts about Summer’s boyfriend repetitive. I’m mindful that this is the first in a series so we may learn more in the next one, which is great but still leaves this book a little lacking. It maybe churlish of me but I feel the first book in a series must be string enough to stand alone.

An ok read in this genre.


Public Displays of Convention by Sarahbeth Caplin

Anna-Kate’s boyfriend since her freshman year at college breaks up with her by text. She is just about to graduate and earn a degree in English literature when she receives this bad news. Her best friend, Tess is supportive and there for her but has to go away for the summer leaving Anna-Kate to resolve her feelings from her failed relationship and move on. However, moving on is not easy when Anna-Kate has no idea who she really is out of this relationship. This book explores the coming of age issues faced by adolescents as they become adults and find out who they are and what they want.

Easy to read, the narrative flows well and the core themes are clearly discussed. Anna-Kate faces choices that will define her or the choice to define herself. A good chick-lit read even for someone like me who doesn’t dabble very often in this genre. The second best book I read this week.


Twnety-Eight and a Half Wishes (A Rose Gardner Mystery Book 1) by Denise Grover Swank

Rose is 24 years old, sees vsions, works for the DMV and lives with her Mom, who has controlled and ruled Rose ever since she can remember, one afternoon she argues with her Mom and walks out to return in the evening and find her mother dead. Who killed her and why?

A well-told mystery thriller with a very strong and quirky female protagonist, strong in the sense that she is relatable, humorous and flawed. I would read more of the series simply because I liked reading Rose so much. The mystery is not predictable, which is also a bonus for the book.



  1. I love mysteries and thrillers, so I think I will be adding Look Behind You and Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes to my reading list. Thanks for the reviews!


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