Belated Book Reviews and What Exactly Have I been Up to?

Yes, I am still reviewing books but have diversified a little to review for other blogs occasionally and I wait until my review has gone live for books I read through them before I publish here. I don’t publish poor reviews, so once I have read 4 decent books (in my humble personal opinion), I can tell you about, (I’m on the 4th one) I will bring them to your attention.

I have a staggering 61 books on my Kindle at the moment and I have read 79 books so far in 2014. I am almost at 50% of my Book Challenge of 2014. I will read the books on my Kindle and then some by the time the year is through. My poor Kindle has been on charge more than ever, I wish they made batteries that lasted longer but I am very thankful for my Kindle reducing the space taken up by my reading habits.

I have been out to see a few plays this year and although I enjoyed the experience I’m not sure I want to be a theatre critic yet. However, next Sunday I will be at a genuine comedy club in Birmingham, as I have made a pledge to laugh more this year. I will bring you coverage from this experience. It will be a first for me and I am avidly looking forward to it.

So to sum up, my next book review instalment will be here soon…



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