Avoiding Bestsellers

Maggie Madly Writing

The writer of this article believes that you shouldn’t read bestsellers so that you don’t start thinking like everyone else, and that if you really want to learn about a subject in depth, bestsellers are no good for that, either. I believe that a lot of bestsellers are not worth reading because they are written poorly (Danielle Steel), have ascended to the top of the bestseller list merely because they were “written” by celebrities or politicians (Snooki), and are written by authors with big names and established credentials (Nora Roberts).

But back to the article… the author seems to imply that the best reason to read bestsellers is to be able to have something to talk about, because when everyone reads the same books, everyone can share the same conversational topics. And that’s not a bad thing. I love talking to people about books, and when you discover that you read…

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