My Progressive Clinique Session

Today I went back to Clinique to review my skincare regime. As I have mentioned before on my blog I use the following Clinique products twice a day:

Step 1. Anti-blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam
Step 2. Anti-blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion
Step 3. Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

*Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector Serum
*Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum
*Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel

I have used the above for over 2 months now. My current regime stops breakouts and my skin has never felt softer and well hydrated. The Clinical Dark Spot Corrector has made visible improvements to my skin and I cannot deny my pores are smaller with the Pore Refining Serum. This stuff really does work. I no longer need to use concealer for scars left from odd breakouts even at the age of 40! I wish these advancements were around 10 years ago.

However, looking at these products I am lacking any sun protection and age-prevention agent, so I was advised to try Superdefense SPF 20 Daily Defense Moisturiser after the above steps. On trying the moisturiser on the back of my hand in store it felt very lightweight and non-greasy and it will go well with the Superprimer Face Primer Colour Corrects Dullness in Deeper Skins, which I wear under my Anti-blemish foundation lately.

I noted during the consultation today that my foundation sometimes looks dry and pitted after I put it on and this could be due to the mattifying effect of the Anti-blemish foundation and it was suggested I take home a trial sample of the Superbalance Make Up to use on days when I want a more natural finish. It is commonplace for our skin to change during different seasons and the purpose of beauty consultations every few months is to address the changing needs of our skin through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Coming up soon at Clinique counters across the UK will be a campaign to encourage and help women with contouring their faces, where 3 different shades are used to highlight your best features and hide anything you don’t want to appear prominent. I had a trial of contouring make up today and to a relative novice the process has many steps and seems quite daunting as well as expensive as 4 foundation products plus bronzer then blusher was applied to my face. I think if I want to use contouring techniques it will have to be a modest investment alongside what I spend on skincare.

I am booked in to return for a one-to-one contouring session in a couple of weeks and will be sharing how it goes, so watch this space…


    1. I went years not taking care of my skin and it just looked dull and started to get flaky, I went back to Clinique after 20 years and they sorted my itchy, flaky, spotty and dull skin out. It seems like a lot when I line it up but it actually only takes minutes to do twice a day. Taking care of my skin gave me my confidence back and I feel a lot better for it.


  1. That’s a lot of products! how do you find the time to do it?! I’m really bad some days I don’t even bother to moisturise!


  2. How fantastic that you are investing in the time to look after your skin exactly as you should, it must be great to have the professional advice and support too.


    1. The support is invaluable when you find the right sales reps who actually know their products, are interested in solving your skin problems and want to continue to see you after you’ve spent money with them. All of that gives me confidence in the brand.


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