Nobody Cares (Really)

Maggie Madly Writing

People blog to promote and share their writing, to seek attention, to share ideas with likeminded individuals, and to rant and rave about the things they hate and love. Or, if you’re like me, you blog because you have a lot to say and too much shyness to say it in person.

However, the number one thing to remember about blogging (it doesn’t matter why you get into it in the first place) is that very few people really care about what you have to say. You will not gain instant fame unless you are one of those success stories whose blog becomes so popular that publishing companies are after you to turn it into a book… similar to self-publishing a novel. The majority of self-published novels sell far fewer than 100 copies, and I want to say that the majority of blogs have far fewer than 100 followers, and…

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