Trying Domestication

I’m fortunate in that my husband is happy to take on domestic duties whether I am unwell or not, but some things make us both hard work no matter which one of us you ask. The washing, both laundry and dishes, are done in the utility, via designated machines, which are loaded and unloaded by my husband. We have been inconvenienced for a while as our washing machine had broken down and in the interim we relied on my brother-in-law and sister-in-law (not The Evil One, this sister-in-law is married to my husband’s brother) to do essential washing until we finally agreed on purchasing a washing machine yesterday.

The hold up was the indecision of my husband to commit to a machine as every option lacked something, he wanted a big drum with a high spin speed with 5 years manufacturers warranty for no more than a specified sum of money etc. His indecision was so universally irritating that my brother-in-law even offered to get a machine for us! Finally, Bank Holiday weekend over and still no sign of a new washing machine, I’d had enough and demanded to be driven to our most local large electrical appliance dealer and chose a machine and paid for it within 5 minutes. All my husband said in this time was, “is that it then?” To which my response was a (half-I still have Bell’s Palsy) withering glance.

The machine was available to be loaded up to our car, which was perfectly choreographed by the people employed in the stock warehouse and my husband, while I browsed TVs. Once the machine was loaded we went home, via a few errands on the High Street, to install it. In an effort to reduce the risk of losing my temper, I left my husband to unload and position our new washing machine while I read my Kindle for 45 minutes.

On returning to our utility area I supervised the removal of transit bolts and the connection of the machine to water and electricity. At this point my excitement of putting the first load on was dashed as the machine required an empty run for 3 hours with detergent.

Once that delay was dealt with, I sighed a huge sigh of relief as my first load of washing was finally in the drum and being treated to the new fangled programme the machine offered. I let my OCD into moderate drive as I organised subsequent washes and today after registering and extending the manufacturers warranty, I am spending the day reading my Kindle and periodically loading and unloading the washing machine and dryer, as required, to clear the back log of washing and become reacquainted with many items of clothing I am fond of but have been waiting for a wash since our previous machine had broken down.

In my moderately extreme phase of organisation I became aware that our duvet, also waiting for a wash, is missing. After looking for it in all the likely then unlikely places, I phoned my husband at work to inquire of it’s whereabouts to be informed, “I think I binned it…” Gritting my teeth with fortitude I then quizzed him why, and if he had binned it, he didn’t tell me so I could purchase another one rather than waiting for a new washing machine? Expecting and getting no logical response I continued with our laundry while adding duvet to my shopping list for Friday when I will be at the Bullring shopping center to pick up skincare supplies.

As irritated as I was during this whole process, I sit here now with a huge sense of achievement of taking the bull by the horns and getting our laundry, finally, organised and in the process of being washed. The stress was balanced by the satisfaction of completing the task. I only wished I had stepped in earlier…



  1. I know it sounds weird, but when I get a rare day off in the week when the other half is at work, I love playing domestic goddess, baking cooking and cleaning all day! Washing is my least favourite thing though 😦


    1. I envy you! I wish I enjoyed cleaning more! Cooking for me is about getting my confidence back, I’m working on it. I don’t mind laundry, hate dishes!


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