My Goodreads Gripe With Amazon

One of the reason I wanted the second generation Kindle Paperwhite was become it allowed you to integrate Goodreads onto your Kindle. At the end of last year this was a function available in the US, Australia and somewhere else, basically not the UK or Europe.

Yesterday I was reminded of this Goodreads integration and updated my Kindle Paperwhite software manually and tried to search the Amazon UK site for information regarding accessing Goodreads from my Paperwhite to finally find the page missing from the help pages. The site assures me Amazon is on it but excuse me if I don’t hold my breath seeing as it’s been over 6 months and Goodreads integration has not been rolled out to Paperwhite customers in the UK.

The device isn’t cheaper here, neither are the books so why are we having to wait? I have no idea, all my searches have ended in no information and When I live chatted to a Customer Service Representative they had no further information as no announcements have been made.

I am disappointed as having the Goodreads facility for me personally would save time and simplify my reading lists. But for now we here in the UK will just have to live with the fact that this facility is not enabled for us full price purchasers of the new Kindle Paperwhite.


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