Slimming World Struggle

Since my operation I have found it very hard to resist sweet things. I’m not sure my why I crave chocolate and desserts, is it a survival reaction after the stress of my operation, or is it because I’m tired or depressed? Whatever it is it is spoiling my weight loss plans.

I am eating healthy syn free meals and super speed foods to ruin the day by exceeding my syn limit with chocolate, biscuits and anything sweet. My craving seems to get worse as the day progresses, reaching a fever pitch level at night time before I sleep.

I have recruited my husband to help me by removing the foods I am unable to resist, I have increased the free food in my diet and I have started my body magic again at 30 mins a day with my Polar heart rate monitor. I have avoided getting on the scales since I last went to my Slimming World Group meeting which was probably 3 weeks ago.

I can’t go this coming week to group but I hope to go again the week after. I hope by the time I make the next group the scales will be kind, but I was struggling in silence with my loss of control over confectionary and I hope being open about it allows me to curb eating and wanting to eat these foods in abundance.

The body magic has had a very positive effect on my body and mind. I hurt my back a week ago and walking has definitely improved my discomfort. I hope to get it together in the next 2 weeks and hopefully start losing the lbs again.


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