Print Book Discoveries

I set myself some small goals to declutter our living space. Cats and books are what take up most of the room in my house and I always have a steady pile of letters waiting to be shredded. Two weeks ago I emptied a rather decrepit chest of drawers that definitely needs replacing and whilst juggling things around came across a number of books in print that I bought and never read. Sacrilegious as this is, I feel somewhat annoyed with myself for burying these books and am now on a mission to look for more books in abandoned corners of our abode, that haven’t been read.

Currently I have the following books in a queue:

Deficiency by Andrew Neiderman
The Hunted by Andrew Neiderman
Amnesia by Andrew Neiderman
The Long Walk by Stephen King
Joyland by Stephen King
The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs

I will phase in these print books to my Kindle Reading List over the next couple of months, which will be a challenge as I am so habituated to reading on Kindle now going to and from print will no doubt be hard for me to adapt to, at least to begin with.

After reading the above list I will be making a sizeable contribution to a local charity of print books I have stacked up and need to part with really as I won’t be reading them again. There’s too much reading material around for me to re-read things at the moment and I am not one to read books multiple times in all honesty.

On the subject of books I have asked this year for my birthday month to be taken to picturesque places to read and enjoy nature. Any suggestions for good scenic reading nooks are gratefully received. I hope the spring weather continues to delight this weekend.


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