Kindle Misadventure

A few weeks ago, after my discharge from hospital, I realised my Kindle Paperwhite 3G was faulty. I went through the steps described on the Amazon website and then requested a ring back from Amazon Customer Service. I was then asked to repeat the steps I had taken before ringing them and cut off twice, resulting in starting all over again before they reached the conclusion I had, 3 hours prior, that my Kindle was faulty.

After this immense waste of time it was arranged for me to have a new Kindle sent out to replace my faulty one and I would return the faulty one. Thankfully all this has gone smoothly and I have a Kindle Paperwhite 3G which is fully functional. I’m not sure Amazon are aware or want to be aware of the huge frustration and inconvenience caused when a faulty device is sent out, twice. However back on point, I lost the order of books I was reading on the device and have had to go back to the Amazon website and Manage Your Kindle page to work out the order in which books need to be read.

In doing so I found that a few books have been pushed around and overlooked by me. The main reason for this is very lame, but I have to own up to it, these books have no covers. They are books sent in document format albeit mobi files with no book cover from the authors. As I view the books on cover view on my Kindle I have gone for the next book with a cover, title and author instinctively thinking I will come back to those without these at a later date when I look up who they are from, which of course didn’t happen.

Anyway. I have read the majority of those books now and am on the last one. It’s an obvious thing to request but I think it needs to be said that if you are sending files of books for review it is very important that those files contain the correct current title of the book you want reviewing and your pen name is on the book so that I can locate it on Goodreads where I catalogue, list and organise my reviews primarily.

I’m hoping that the Kindle I have at the moment does not become faulty. It is the third one I have been sent by Amazon who seem to be having quality control issues with the new generation Kindle Paperwhite. I am thinking about buying a Kindle Fire HDX but am not sure now based on my experience with the new generation Paperwhite. I can only hope my experience is not typical of new generation Paperwhite purchasers. If it is it’s a poor effort on Amazon’s part to market a device at the optimum quality possible, and don’t even get me started on their Customer Service on this occasion.


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