Enduring Endometriosis

Right, I need to focus. This is my third attempt to write this blog post. Why the procrastination? Well, I’m in tremendous pain which is off the archaic 1 to 10 scale. There are no words I can use to describe the pain and the sensation of sitting on an iron rod is the most uncomfortable I have ever had. This is NOT period pain. To suggest that there is anything normal or within human expectations about this pain is ludicrous. The gastric symptoms accompanying the pain are devastatingly disabling. I wouldn’t wish the most unfortunate go through such symptoms.

Fortunately, I have medication which can help with the pain, but I cannot actually remain upright and lead my life or effectively take other medication without vomiting, whilst enjoying analgesia. Despite the pain and horrendous bleeding too I have managed to get essential supplies and pack my bag for my operation date of 10th March. I am expecting to be admitted over the weekend before this for intravenous Iloprost therapy. I doubt I have managed to keep much of the pulmonary hypertension oral medications down to successfully treat the pressure in my pulmonary artery over the past few months.

There are no words to describe my gratitude to whoever is responsible for booking this operation date and hopefully preventing another month of the horror that is endometriosis for me. I am filled with dread at the prospect of what an exploratory laparoscopy will discover, a frozen pelvis no doubt, but what are my treatment options and will the treatment be effective enough for me to be able to keep my commitments to my other therapies?

At this time, I am reminded of just why I stopped working as a GP, my symptoms are severe enough to prevent me leaving the house unless it’s on fire. Life isn’t fair, I’m experiencing this first hand but there is always hope it will get better. Due to the unpredictable effects of anaesthetics and the remote possibly of things going wrong I have said goodbye to each of the cats and discussed my final wishes with my husband. I have had 4 of these “routine” procedures before and this is standard preparation for them.



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