A Blog Post Cannot Be Forced…

I have come to the conclusion that my blog posts are formed in my subconscious over a period of time about things that bother me. What I post is probably what I would puzzle about in a journal, if I bothered to write one, which I haven’t really since I’ve been blogging, although I think I should too.

When I write posts, they either “feel right” or they don’t, usually whilst I’m writing them and when I read them over and over before publishing. The whole blogging experience for me is therapeutic and almost like a salve over my emotional distress at times, depending on topic.

My posts are not and have never been random spewing of vitriol or secretions of unkindness at a time of anger. They aren’t spiteful but factual. The theme may be anger but my posts are written based rationally on the information I was told and/or remember, emotions I felt and these are the things I would tell anyone if asked randomly about any of the subjects I post about.

I won’t write something here then deny it as fiction elsewhere. I’m not that shallow or fickle and I’m no fan of confabulation. I know what I know and I believe what I believe, unless I get intelligent civil communication about my posts I don’t respond and any offensive or prejudicial comments are kept on file and if necessary, for example written by a healthcare professional who shouldn’t be disparaging someone with mental health issues, it is taken up with the appropriate registering body with full name, address and IP address of the individual.

I wouldn’t, as a practicing healthcare professional, discriminate against those who have an illness that affects 1 in 4 of the population and I doubt any professional registering body would condone such behaviour. I also think those that do frequently show prejudice and insensitivity do so repeatedly and my complaint won’t be the only one that they receive, go figure! They definitely need training of some sort or perhaps muzzling in some cases but one thing is for sure they are gutless if they can’t say it to my face when they had the opportunity. Bottom line I don’t respond to those with no integrity, I let their respective professional bodies take care of them.

So I thank you for reading my posts if you’re a regular reader, welcome if you are new and I hope you’ll come back to read other stuff on my blog. I have a lot to say, so keep tuning in!



  1. This is very true, that a blog post is formed in the subconscious. And then I have almost the opposite experience which is that I often find my writing dispirited or boring but publish it only to find it’s possibly my most popular whereas some of the more sparkling pieces I think I have written fall flat on their faces! You don’t seriously mean to tell me that a healthcare professional has been unwise enough to criticise a medical condition openly and publicly? Blogging is the one platform where we can say (compose or express) our opinions, thoughts, hopes, aspirations etc. without expecting (too much) criticism or attack! Though I do find that the ‘cat haters’ seem to feel compelled to put their hateful comments on any piece of writing that raises cats to the lofty pinnacle of admiration that they deserve…


    1. It’s odd that what we like about our own writing never quite turns on the audience as much as we expect at times and something that seems almost throwaway resonates with more. I had a very vile spiteful message in the form of a comment from someone who has the title dr working in healthcare, stupid? Undoubtably. I have yet to suffer the scourge or cat haters, I’m not sure I could take someone hating my cat, me? Meh ok.


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