Hair Woes

I finally had to bite the bullet and book time with a hairdresser. I don’t enjoy having my hair cut principally because I associate going to the hairdresser to being told I cannot have what I want. My hair is too thick, too frizzy and too heavy for styles of my choosing and even when I think I have cracked it and picked a hairstyle for thick, frizzy and heavy hair I am told the hairstyle still isn’t suitable for my hair type. So what I invariably end up with is the same lame and safe cut every time. Well I’m bored with it and so decided to approach hairdressing differently, I decided to go online onto the Wahanda website and read the reviews written before choosing a hairdresser.

Firstly the choice I had between my home and the centre of Birmingham was astounding. So with my budget in mind and time restraints I picked the first place on a short list of three and decided to visit the establishment called Bad Apple Hair in the Burlington Arcade. I was swayed by their customer-centric promises and their potential for creativity, plus the good reviews.

I was not disappointed with the care taken to address my hairstyling needs and actually got a different cut to the one I keep getting. My hair felt lighter and styled, and different to what I walked in with-always a good start. The salon used L’Oreal Kerastase a professional brand I am familiar with and have used in the past and the person who shampoo’d and blow dried my hair was very knowledgeable about hair which was a stark contrast to my experience at the last hairdresser I went to.

The Head Stylist listened and explained what he was going to do, he checked with me before cutting certain sections shorter than usual and he gave me a cut which redistributed the weight of my hair and made it less triangular. I have actually in the past asked a stylist to make my hair less triangular to be told it could not be done, so I was delighted.

I cannot fault the hair care or hairdressing at Bad Apple Hair, however, I was rang at 08:45 h this morning to say my booked stylist was unable to work so could we reschedule, I really wanted my hair cut this morning as I had been psyching myself up for the event for a week, so opted to have the head stylist at the same cost at 10:00 h. So their flexibility was a good thing. The staff were very nice and courteous but I was never offered a drink, my husband who was with me had to wait on a hard chair and wasn’t offered a drink either. We would under the circumstances gladly pay for a drink but that option was not offered to us either. I wasn’t sure if drinks were withheld because I had booked via Wahanda or because of the upgrade from senior to head stylist because of their availability issues, either way I thought it was unfair all the other customers having cuts were offered drinks but we weren’t.

Although I am very happy with the stylist and my cut I’m not sure I want to necessarily book again with Bad Apple Hair as the lack of drinks did leave us miffed. On that basis, I will be moving onto the next hairdressers on the list in 2 months time when it’s time to book again.


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