My Week in Books


I read some very high quality books this week and had a pleasing week of books I could not put down. This week kicked off with me reading The Bad Mother by Isabelle Grey a compelling book about Tess and her family, after years of knowing who she is Tess’ world is rocked when she finds out her biological mother and father are different to what she’s been told. Her marriage ends and her children struggle with the emotional turmoil of what is going on. She decides to meet her biological father but can she trust that he’s being honest with her? A really good read, I do recommend it.

The Bad Mother

My next book of the week was The Sleeping Field by Jennie Orbell a rather unusual thriller but full of very engaging characters and intrigue. Marrakech has an unusual gift of sight where she sees dead children, she hasn’t told many people about what she views as her curse but she does help the police locate the bodies of dead children. After this role takes it’s toll on her and a rather messy break up she decides to move to the country with her aunts. Everything seems idyllic except for the nightmares she has, but who or what is haunting her and why?

I loved the story and characters in this book particularly Road Rage the cat whom I identified with most. This really was a mesmerising read and Is definitely one for those who like something original.

The Sleeping Field

Next Time Release by Martin J Smith A gritty cop thriller set in the mid 90s before the proliferation of mobile phones and social media. Det Downing has been haunted by one case for many reasons but when the killer starts up again he calls for help and enlists psychologist Christiansen to help unlock the memory of the only potential witness to the crime.

I loved this crime thriller and the twist it contained. The characters were plausible if not always likeable. This had a realistic gritty edge to it.

Time Release

The Love of My Life by Louise Douglas A beguiling tale of love and loss. When Luca dies in a car crash, his wife Olivia is left to pick up the pieces. She decides to move closer to where he is buried straining ties with his family that have already been quite stressed in the past. She becomes very close to Luca’s twin brother Marc but as we are told more and more about the background of Luca and Olivia’s story it seems that nothing has been truly forgiven or put in the past.

A haunting love story.

The Love of My Life

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