Book Review: The Loyal Servant by Eva Hudson


Imagine for a moment: you’re a mother of three and conscientious government employee, keeping your head down, trying to avoid the latest round of lay-offs, when you discover the schools minister slumped over his desk. Whiskey bottle and scattered pills lying next to his lifeless body tell their own story.

But you know for a fact the minister wouldn’t take his own life. What do you do? Kick up a stink and risk losing your job? Or pretend nothing is wrong?

For loyal servant Caroline Barber, there is only one option. When her awkward questions result in the disappearance of crucial evidence from the minister’s office, she is compelled to dig deeper.

The corruption she uncovers is scandalous enough to topple the government. But now she’s raised her head above the parapet she has attracted the attention of powerful adversaries.

Way out of her depth and risking the safety of her family, will Caroline get the chance to blow the whistle? Or will her enemies silence her for good?


I loved reading this fast paced and gripping political thriller. I loved the protagonists and it was refreshing to read strong female characters, I loved the kick-ass attitude both Caroline and Tate had. The plot kept me riveted so the book kept me up all night. I was surprised to see saloon cars referred to as sedans in this British political thriller and there was the odd typo but the story prevailed. I’m not a parent myself, so it could just be me but the behaviour of the kids in this shocked me, probably my naivety rather than author error.

Loved it, I recommend it but don’t get too attached to the dog, I was seriously emotional about Minty. Looking forward to reading the next sleuthing one!

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