Back in the Saddle…

This Saturday was my first weigh in of the new year. I lost 1.5 lb and for me this loss went beyond numbers. It is significant because I am back thinking about food optimising. I am focussed on free and superfree foods and hope very much that what I have started, planned and organised again in January will help me reach my next award but also help me feel better.

As I have mentioned once or twice I suffer from endometriosis and unfortunately my endometriosis symptoms include bowel symptoms. I find the more healthy my diet, the more fibre and fluid I intake, the less trouble I have with pain and other symptoms. I feel better on superfree foods and I have consciously increased superfree in my diet to maintain what comfort I can get from eating foods that minimise my discomfort.

I am waiting for a date to have a cystectomy and endometrial ablation but I want to be as healthy as I can and as light as I can be before I go under the knife (or scope more likely). Losing weight this week made me feel good. I am only lbs away from my next award and if I can get it before I have my procedure I will be delighted.

Being in group this week made me feel good. I felt enthused and motivated to food optimise for the coming week. I felt in control of my choices and look forward to reporting more good losses in the coming months.


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