If You Don’t Treat Your Interns Right, You are Mean…and Stupid.

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Lots of people and companies think interns are inexperienced, short-term students–so it isn’t worth investing in them. This kind of thinking is both mean and stupid. (Yes. I feel pretty strongly about this.)

Mean: These young people are giving you their time, their creativity, and their admiration. They picked your company and you because they think being with you is a good investment. Don’t abuse that faith. And, I don’t just mean by avoiding asking them to make coffee for you–I mean take their trust seriously and give them substantive projects, look them in the eye and explain a request instead of barking it, and take the time to learn their names.

Stupid: These young people might be terrific future employees or vendors. Their friends might be terrific employees or vendors. Treat them with respect and give them…

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