Not Book Reviews Really: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory, About Last Night by Adele Parks

I know I’m late to the party reading the historical fiction of Phillippa Gregory but after walking past the print edition of her books numerous times in supermarkets and coming across them on Amazon I decided to give the first book in the Cousins series a try. It didn’t disappoint and was filled with political intrigue. It’s a long book some 13 hours on Kindle I think and I did fall asleep reading it at times and it took longer to read than my usual fare but none of those things is bad.

The book engaged me, held my interest and left me wanting more. It set the historical scene well but didn’t dwell on the details. I was moved to sorrow and relief as the plot twisted and turned, I will no doubt read the next one.

About Last Night by Adele Parks has been hanging around my wish list for ages. Again this is the first book I am reading from this author and like The White Queen it was an independent purchase, (well as independent as a purchase can be in this age of aggressive marketing) I heard good things so decided to give her a try. I did enjoy this book but in all honesty I found it repetitive at times labouring the same point and I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m not moved to buy her other books at the moment. This may change if hype pushes another few titles but I definitely was not left wanting more of this one.

I suppose I found the characters frustrating at times and likeable but it felt mundane reading about their lives and childcare options etc. I think maybe Adele Parks writes in a genre I don’t find particularly intriguing, maybe it is I who needs more blood, guts and intrigue to keep me entertained. It was a heartwarming romance and not a bad read as such but just lacked a bit of sparkle for me.


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    1. Oddly severely critiqued by other historical fiction writers though, I found after I had read the book. Just goes to show you can’t please everyone but I think she had a jolly good crack at it. The Cousins series remains on my 2014 wishlist.


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