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I gained 3.5 lbs in 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks I suffered a lot of pain from my endometriosis and I took co-codamol 30/500 to cope with pain. Codeine makes me feel very sick ( and constipated) so I spent most of the 4 weeks nauseated. Prior to this I was eating mince pies, stollen and various Christmas treats and losing weight. I lose weight slowly, a lb here 2 lbs there and I’m finally ok with that. As disappointed as I am at gaining during my illness, I have faith it will come off in time as I start eating well again.

I was irritated at the scales not because of my gain as much as the attitude I encountered there. I know I’ve been ill and a gain was what I expected. I would rather it wasn’t as much as 3.5 lb but the attitude that I had gained weight because I previously ate Christmas treats, which were actually within my allocated syns, really riled me. Actually, I gained wight because I’m not eating due to the fact my appetite is on the fritz from my medication. When actually eating on the Extra Easy plan I lose weight syns and all!

It’s not the first time I have come across this bad attitude towards food, it seems to be a monster lurking in the background with some of my Slimming World buddies. Despite the fact studies have shown that you cannot really lose weight efficiently by just stopping your food, (let’s face it if we could slimming world and other organisations wouldn’t exist and we’d all be size 8!) I come across people who aren’t target, invariably, who try to enforce their skewed views on my diet.

The bottom line is syns are not bad, binging is bad. Depriving yourself leads to binging as your mind and body crave what you deprive them of. Change your preconceived notions, better yet open your Slimming World book and actually read and/or re-read taking notice of the words and what they mean. Your negative attitudes affect those around you especially if you choose to sit at the scales and weigh people in, make sure you don’t mislead others. Weigh in is tough for a lot of us for various reasons, we don’t need or ask for your judgment at the scales.

Food isn’t bad, people who are slim eat food. Get used to it or keep the lbs on, your choice but please don’t pass on false information or put negative notions about food in someone else’s head.

The person who created the following graphic is an a**hole, please don’t let these stereotypes rule your food choices.



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