Tinky Top Cat

After weeks of conditioning our other cats Tinky has finally attained and holds her position as top cat. Cats are not considered to be pack animals but they are creatures of routine and habit. For example Basil likes greeting other cats with a head-butt and a head-rub, but Tinky prefers them to be less tactile unless she needs a warm body to curl up next to. Tinky would choose a human warm body over a feline warm body.

Today I was reminded why Tinky deserves to be top cat, when I decided to have smoked salmon for lunch. I cannot possibly have salmon without sharing it with the cats, to not do so would be simply sacrilegious to them. When the biggest piece of salmon hit the floor Tinky swooped it up before the others had even registered it was in reach.

Tinky is affectionate with the younger girls but Sally still isn’t a cat she would hang with. Sally is competition for the top sleeping spot in the house, our bed. I often see Victory, Fluffy and Bridgette sleeping with and cleaning each other with Tinky honouring them by joining in. However, poor Basil remains firmly out in the cold and baffled as to why he cannot share in Tinky’s affections, when the other four girls are happy to accommodate him.

Tinky also doubles as a foghorn signalling to both indoor and outdoor cats that dinner is imminent. This announcement is rarely useful as it whips the others into an ankle hugging and often screechy frenzy while my husband tries to get to the large vats of chicken we have for them.

Fluffy and Victory moved one of their beds down the stairs to in front of the heater. When I noticed they had done this I was surprised, proud and chilled at their moxy! This is typically an example of Bengal intelligence. Bengals don’t ask they do.

Tinky asleep with her posh top cat toy.

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