The Reality of My Symptoms

It has been 12 months since I had my last 6 month course of Zoladex. I have had the Mirena IUS insitu for 12 months. Prior to these treatments exactly 12 months ago I was found to have a cyst in my right adnexa. It was accepted this was a chocolate cyst that had grown after ovarian remnant tissue left from my left salpino-oophrectomy in June 2010.

I wasn’t thrilled to hear this but knew I had to think pragmatically rather than dissolve in a haze of emotion over my bad luck. 12 months on and I admit there are cracks in my resolve. Nothing has shrunk the cyst down and I am back to the symptoms I had 12 months ago.

I think what adds insult to the injury I feel at suffering from endometriosis is the lack of options that were almost forced on me. Two healthcare professionals: one Respiratory Consultant and one Gynaecologist both advised me that there was no further treatment I could expect for my florid endometriosis. Yet I am fortunate enough to be on the waiting list for a cystectomy and ablation of endometrial tissue. I thank my lucky stars that a team of consultants look after my Pulmonary Hypertension and I don’t have to rely on extreme views when choosing my healthcare.

Despite my own knowledge of my illness and numerous consultations about my endometriosis since it’s diagnosis in March 2006, I surprised myself when speaking to a Gynaecologist recently as I admitted to symptoms I had not discussed before. I had to admit I had pain and discomfort from endometrial deposits on my bowel. 7 years of symptoms and yet I have never verbalised this. I have no idea why. I can’t imagine it’s because I’m bashful, after all I had the indignity of uro-dynamic studies and an over active bladder. I think I resigned myself to accepting no intervention could help these bowel symptoms so I didn’t see the point of mentioning it. How much do your patients not tell you because they think you can’t help?


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