I have OCD and am phobic about certain situations and people. To counteract this I prefer the company of my cats and books. The reason I prefer my cats and books to the alternative, people and places:

1. Cats and books don’t shout at me and demoralise or humiliate me
2. Cats and books don’t make me feel inadequate
3. Cats and books don’t judge me
4. Cats and books have an abundance of patience
5. Cats and books don’t tell me how I should feel
6. Cats and books don’t drain my self-worth
7. Cats and books never ask for much in return
8. Cats and books are constant in my home
9. Cats and books are not interested in what car I drive or the balance of my bank account
10. Cats and books make me forget, even if it is just for a little while, how much I have been hurt by others

The above are the reasons to not have treatment for my OCD, to stay encapsulated but in my heart I can’t live with the fear of other people and places, so I choose to try and get better against the odds.


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