Tinky: The current Order of Things

It seems Tinky has settled somewhat into her role in her new group. As I have mentioned before, she is a vocal girl, but when she shouts for us it seems that Basil has interpreted her call for something else. He remains miffed why his amorous advances are met with hissing, growling and the odd swipe of a paw. It is very funny to actually watch him rubbing himself along a very annoyed Tinky, it kind of symbolises the lack of insight all mammals have when they are wearing love goggles.

Tinky being vocal for the hell of it at 6am

Tinky cannot fathom how he could dare to come within 3 feet of her and his obliviousness to her obvious rejection of his advances time and again is just baffling to her. She maintains the facial expression: How can anything on 4 paws be so stupid? Having thought about it, although Tinky has met most of our old ex-stud boys I think Basil is the least intelligent one of the lot. Don’t get me wrong he is gorgeous and a lovely boy but he lacks the ability to interpret social situations. I can’t say that about him without saying he’s a lot like I was until I hit my late 20s. My total lack of insight into social situations at university twinned with the avoidance behaviour of my OCD made my life miserable many a times. I take comfort Basil isn’t one to get depressed and has the other 4 girls in the group to return his affections.

Basil clueless but not one to depress himself about it.

Just to make things more interesting for herself and to prove the grass isn’t greener on the other side i.e the other group aren’t being fed more than her, Tinky spent last night with her old gang in our sitting room. I can’t blame her for the switch as they do have a lovely gas fire in the living room, which is very inviting in the current climate. However, I think once she reminds herself that Dippy is in that group she won’t want to be in there anymore. Dippy is the current crowned Diva in the living room, a position usually taken by Tinky. However, so far things have been very quiet this morning which can only indicate they have been fed well and/or Tinky remains in the living room.

Left to Right: Fliss, Tinky and Dippy in front of the gas fire.

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