Book Review: The case of Colourful Clothes and Kilts by RR Gall


Product Description
Jin Johnstone is not a policeman, not an ex-policeman, not an ex-marine, judo expert, in fact not really a private detective either. He is just an ordinary guy who wants to help other people with their problems.

The best friend of Charlie Menzies is dead. Soon there is another death and the naked body is wrapped in a kilt.


I enjoyed the first book in the series, and the second did not disappoint. Jin finds his services in demand and there has been a murder. Not usual to find such a case up in Dumfries and a very bloody murder seen, Jin can’t help asking questions. The backdrop of a small intimate community and secrets buried in the pasts and smuggling ring bring this crime thriller to the fore but the unique sense of humour that runs throughout this book is what makes you want more. I’m looking forward to reading the last one I the trilogy soon.

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