Exercise Excitement

As of today 28/10/2013, I have commenced my Slimming World Gold Body Magic Award. “About time!” My conscience screams at me. I allowed myself to become sedentary after my silver award and then got bogged down with issues that won’t change no matter how long I brood over them. So, I’ve decided to get practical and do the things I can to make positive changes and adding the Gold Award to my Christmas List, (I complete it 8 weeks from today so 23/12/2013 will be the day I achieve my certificate) if I keep on track.

This morning I climbed out of bed washed my face, brushed my teeth and didn’t pause before reaching for my trainers and gym clothes. I hopped straight into the cross trainer with my Pulsar monitor strapped on and worked 15 minutes while keeping rhythm with the new Katy Perry single among others. After 15 minutes I felt I had woken up a number of sleeping muscles and my heart was pumping fast enough to be considered in the zone (safely).

I also embarked on some body conditioning for 15 minutes and some weight training with the help of my husband who knows his stuff in this area. Again many a sleeping muscle had a rude awakening and I have a date to do it all again tomorrow!

Making that plan and sticking to it this morning has given me oodles of energy and a burst of contentment. I look forward to sleeping well tonight and working hard again tomorrow.


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