Church of Slimming World

I remember a lady from our Slimming World group remarking at one meeting on Saturday morning how our meetings were the equivalent of church. We go each Saturday morning to be thankful for following the plan and to confess of any transgressions we’ve made over the week. We are all there at meetings because we believe and want to better ourselves.

This Saturday’s meeting was a corker as we looked at soups. I’m never one to inflict my cooking on anyone outside my marriage so my husband made lentil soup. I was pleasantly surprised it was edible but the soups brought to group by other members were really lovely. I particularly enjoyed a butternut squash soup cooked in a soup maker.

For the last couple of weeks my weight loss has dwindled to 0.5 lb a week but I think this is mainly because of my loss of appetite and I am not eating enough meals in a day. I feel better this week so this hopefully won’t be the case in the coming week.

Also as we noticed and were told in group Christmas foods are in the shops. I love Christmas foods! Shopping in Lidl was hard on Friday as I was bombarded by the festive items on sale. I felt reassured in group that I could actually eat stollen etc. in moderation and have decided to eat one Christmassy thing a week within my syns, so I don’t feel I am missing out. This week I started with the gingerbread rounds from Lidl that are topped in dark chocolate. Next week I’m planning on stollen.

I hope my weight loss picks up and to make it happen I have stocked up on copious super-speed foods to help me.



  1. Oh I love Christmas food, I’ve not bought any yet or I’d have scoffed the lot! I’m planning to hold off til Christmas week… then use my syns each day for those little bits and pieces – chocs, biscuits….pigs in blankets!!

    Hope you get a good loss this week 🙂


    1. Thank you! Exactly! I can’t go without the mince pies and choc log rolls etc. so I’m going to write down what I can have and how many and when. I can’t kid anyone that I’m not going to try stuff in the lead up to the big day.


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