Book Review: Whiskey From Small Glasses by D.A. Meyrick


Whisky From Small Glasses is set in a small Scottish rural town and it reveals the cauldron of sex, drugs, violence, corruption and murder that lies beneath the dour surface of Kinloch life. It starts with one body found in the sea. Two more bodies are quickly added as it becomes clear a serial killer is at large. Further ramifications include police and harbour staff corruption and the involvement of a Latvian drugs smuggling ring. The book introduces Chief Detective Inspector Jim Daley whose complex relationships with his bosses; his colleagues; and his unfaithful but passionately loved wife, drive the story forward to a dramatic conclusion.
Whisky From Small Glasses is the first in a series of crime novels set in rural South West Scotland and will comment on how such rural communities are coming to terms with 21st Century life and all its complexities.


I loved this crime thriller. From the name of this book you’d never guess where it would take you. It was fast paced, engaging, the characters larger than life and very likeable. I was kept guessing even though I was pretty sure I thought I knew who was the brutal murderer and it’s set in a lovely seaside town in Scotland. Unlike a lot of very similar fast-paced thrillers, I laughed and cried through this one, as I came to care about many of the characters in play and was kept at the edge of my seat.

D.A Meyrick has a way of putting things that captures your imagination effortlessly. If you enjoy crime thrillers it would be an absolute crime (no pun intended) to miss this one.

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