Tinky Update: Cat policies

Tinky has established her position amongst H-Team and apart from Basil giving her a hard time for not finding him attractive, we have harmony more or less. Tinky, I’m not sure I have mentioned it before, is a very loud and vocal girl when she wants her way. Recently her way is to sleep exclusively on our bed while the others rough it in their cat beds.

As a doting owner I let her have her way as all she does is curl up to me and sleep. If she needs to leave the bedroom for any reason she wakes and tells me I need to let her out. So she’s a great roommate, the trouble is this preferential treatment is upsetting Sally who loves the bedroom too and Basil as he cannot see why someone not conforming to his harem is allowed any privilidges.

I think Basil needs to learn he isn’t a babe magnet for every passing female and Tinky will be the one to eventually establish this concept in his testosterone addled mind. In my experience, in order to co-exist peacefully, Tinky needs that extra attention to sleep on our bed until she finds something more interesting to do with the others overnight. I give Sally extra attention and play with her to make up for Tinky having bedroom privilidges. I try to have Sally in the bedroom while Tinky is occupied with eating so things level up.

Fluffy, Victory and Bridgette are happy as always, as long as there’s food, fuss and toys, plus they decide who sleeps in the hammock bed, they are fine with the current arrangement for now.

Tinky sneaking in for a snooze…


  1. It’s always good to have order. At my house, we all have our own jobs. Mine is to blog and be loved. Auntie Primrose is the enforcer. Tess the the yowler. Others have other jobs. Of course, I am the cat in charge. In charge of the other cats AND the peeps.



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