Caustic or not?

I always find it surprising how carrying out mundane everyday tasks can bring us face to face with an issue or dilemma we have felt strongly for years. For example today was our routine dental check up, and casually chatting to our dentist we got onto the subject of dental students and medical students. My dentist and I both have taught dental and medical students respectively, he lectures, I have taken small groups for teaching in the past. We were just talking about how students were markedly different as they gained seniority each year when he made the oddest comment about female students becoming less hairy as they grew older.

It took me a second or two but I finally realised he was talking about facial hair. I felt somewhat torn to remark caustically or to just smile and nod and let this misogynistic comment go. Part of me wanted to say, “ah yes the pre and post birth control pills effect,” to highlight how inappropriate such an observation or comment was. In the end I pretended not to understand but felt I needed to come back to his emotional immaturity and superficial judgement of female students at a later date.

Oddly enough I have only ever in my 39 years come across Asian men who have a problem with facial hair in Asian women. Perhaps this is why so many lovely Asian ladies choose to marry men who are not Asian and so hung up on what is, in effect, a natural phenomena of race? As a woman I don’t believe I have ever judged a man or woman by their facial hair but that could be just because I an behind the times in what is cool and fashionable? Or just simply because I’m just not that shallow?

I keep coming back to the idea that Asian men are more judgemental and focused to looks than any other aspect of a woman. I confess this is a sweeping statement and judgmental of Asian men but from my experience of Asian male friends from my University years and postgraduate years I believe this statement to be true. On the other hand I am married to an Asian man who has absolutely no interest in anyone’s facial hair including mine and he doesn’t confirm to the superficial stereotype I have just illustrated. Is he unusual? Or are the superficial Asian men an unusual bunch?


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