My Slimming World Story So Far Update


Despite feeling very motivated and being on plan I put on a lb last week, this week. As a result I increased my super speed food intake at very meal and lost 3 lb this Saturday. Bringing me seriously close to my next stone award. I’m trying hard to not think about it. I have 2 hurdles this week: I am being electively admitted to hospital in Sheffield for a right heart Catheter and MRI and I need to not psych myself out by trying too hard to lose weight.

Being away from home means losing some control of my options of what I have to eat, however it also gives me the opportunity to use my choice power, so I will be looking up foods and going for the fresh fruit and veg option where possible. Plus on the positive side it’s only 2 days out of 7, although I will be on my weight loss plan for all 7 days, so I can tweak my syns for the week if I have to.

I am 1.5 lb away from my next stone award. I lose about 1.5-2lb a week on an average week so the next award is within reach, this is both enthusing and frightening. However, I REALLY want it! I have been hoping to get this award since my last one in July. Weight loss is a slow journey for me at present, but I have enough road to speed it up if I want to in the coming weeks. I am really hoping it all goes without a hitch and I am back at my local supermarket shopping for my Slimming world essentials by Wednesday afternoon.

This autumn I also need to re-establish my exercise plans as I do need to push myself for my Gold award in Body Magic. I have much to look forward to including Eid and Christmas and getting into lower dress size yet again will make it all the more special.


  1. good luck with your hospital experience and look at it as an opportunity. each day they’ll offer you a menu from which you can make good choices. you are right to look positively to the the future as well –


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