Book Review: Dead Reckoning (Valkyrie Series book 2) by K A Perkins


Dead Reckoning is an historical adventure of piracy, love and revenge in the Caribbean in the Seventeenth Century.

Leo is born in Spanish Panama in 1659. When he is twelve years old he witnesses the violent rape and murder of his mother by three of the Caribbean’s most feared pirates: Tarr, Blake and Hornigold, and swears revenge at all costs.

Gabriella is trapped in an abusive marriage to a ruthless Dutch slave trader, who is in business with the same English cut-throats. She risks all to escape with her life.
Leo and Gabriella meet aboard one of the most horrific ships in the Caribbean – a slaver – and join forces against their common enemy. They face a number of challenges as they battle not only the risks of a life at sea, including storm, drowning, and being adrift in a crippled ship, but also repeated attacks by Blake and Hornigold.

But their biggest threat proves to be each other. Can they reconcile their hearts in time for the fiercest battle in their quest of revenge, and survive the gallows?


This book is the second book in the Valkyrie series by KA Perkins and it follows Gabriella Berryngton’s plight and fortunes as she escapes her tyrannical husband. I enjoyed the first book very much and that was the reason I went back to buy the sequel.

The second book is just as thrilling but the action seems to be more separated by long accounts of historical and technical passages about sailing itself, which to someone like me who doesn’t sale is quite bewildering at times. Things however do pick up in the last quarter of the book and we are thrown a few curve balls as the adventure develops.

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