My Bengal Cats: The A-Team.

Having introduced the H-team in my last blog post I felt it was a travesty to not talk about the A-team.

The A-Team consists of:




Nugget is our oldest pet Bengal and has done a circuit or two of cat shows circa 2007-2008, where he became a Supreme Grand Champion Alter and regional winner for TICA on two occasions. the details escape me at present. He doesn’t let this go to his head and knows he enters the litter tray one paw at a time like any other cat. Nugget knows what he wants and is a complete lap hogger. Any sitting being is a surface to sleep on. He is a relatively quiet Bengal which means when he does speak I feel compelled to listen. He rarely complains and is never in a bad mood. Nugget loves kittens and reminds them to use litter trays and keeps them well groomed. He is a much loved Uncle to many kittens we have had here.




Fliss is a beautiful cat, she is a very tarnished silver spotted Bengal. She originally came to us to join our breeding programme but she had to be spayed and stayed with us as a much loved pet. Fliss is the sweetest being you’ll ever meet. She is very affectionate and chats with a cute meow. She wins over other cats and humans very quickly. She is a perfectly behaved cat and loves her sleep and her food.




Dippy was the largest kitten in our very first litter. She was homed as a pet but sadly she was returned to us last year. Dippy had been in an only cat home for 4 years and I was very worried about how she would handle coming back to our multicat home. However, we won her over with food and although not particularly enamoured by all her team mates she does like Fliss, Fidget and Rambo Jr., we aren’t quite sure what happened between Nugget and Dippy but they tend to give each other a wide berth, but a truce has been called and they seem to be co-habiting without disruption.





Fidget is a kitten from our last litter in 2012. He loved climbing up to be held very much like you would hold a koala bear. He is very sweet, heavy and chatty. He loves everyone and is a complete joy to have around.


Rambo Jr.:



Rambo Jr. is special in a lot of ways. He has amber eyes, he is a powerfully built chunky boy who loves fuss but on his own terms. He doesn’t mind being held if he is in the right mood and competes with his litter brother, Fidget for attention. He is a wonderful pet with a lot of character.


They live in the splendour of our living room. They enjoy having TiVo and are reluctant to go to a new LCD TV as the current old fashioned one allows them to sleep on it. I have my reservation for other reasons; the thought of Dippy trying to fit herself on top of a wall mounted TV would keep me up at night.

We have no plans of relocating or re-homing this bunch. They are well settled and we couldn’t part with any of them.



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