Book Review: Queen Of The Dead (Zombie Ascension book 2) by Vincenzo Bilof


Blood runs through the streets of Detroit and into the gutters of nearby cities. Monsters, both human and zombie alike, have brought civil order to its knees. The haunted mercenary, Vega, must confront this apocalypse head-on with survivors who have their own versions of morality; she’s joined by Father Joe, a pious man who will do everything in his power to save a single life, no matter how many others have to die…

Jim Traverse, the sociopath who has decided the apocalypse will be “beautiful,” has nearly completed his genocidal masterpiece. Jim races against Vega’s company to reach Selfridge Air Base, where they’ll fight for control of the woman who has ascended over life and death, a woman whose relationship with an infernal intelligence gives her power over the walking dead.
One woman can save the world, or destroy it: The Queen of the Dead.


Another book in the Zombie Ascension series, this series is exemplary of the genre and this next episode is no different.

This sequel adds more questions about the initial pandemic as it also introduces new characters and gives us new insights into Jim’s initial job.

A wonderful sequel and I am looking forward to the next instalment.

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