Book Review: Bone Dry by Bette Golden Lamb and J J Lamb


You have cancer!
You’ve been blasted and wasted with chemotherapy, along with every other poison the doctors could find to kill malignant cells.
Most days you’re more dead than alive; there is one last chance for survival — tomorrow you will be infused with your own treated bone marrow, which has been frozen and safely stored in one of California’s most prestigious hospitals.
Then comes an anonymous note — “We have your marrow … pay or die!”
RN Gina Mazzio isn’t about to let her patients become victims of this vicious scheme.


A riveting medical thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat. Fast-paced and suspenseful. When lab worker Faye is in an abusive relationship with the misogynistic Frankie Nellis, he ropes her into his scheme of extortion and murder. Gina Mazzio is the RN caring for a number of oncology patients who seem to be behaving strangely…

A gutsy thriller.

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