Slimming World Saturday

This Saturday’s meeting brought me mixed feelings. I lost 1.5 lb and am a painful 0.5 lb away from my next stone award, but lets face it its just half a pound. My husband who has never gained before actually put on half a pound this week. It shouldn’t be surprising as he is fasting and he has been indulging in a few takeaways. His gym visits have gone on hold which is a shame as he was 3 weeks into his bronze body magic award. However, he will pick it up again in a couple of weeks once fasting is over.

I feel great about losing 2 weeks in a row but I wish it hadn’t come at the price of being ill. I’m currently back on Metformin tablets for my diabetes but even though I am on a low dose of 500 mg twice a day I am getting side effects. Metformin and I have never got on even though I had been taking it for 5 years prior to having insulin.

My instinct is to persevere and let my body get used to it, but it is hard taking medication when you know it will make you feel unwell. My appetite is suffering as a result but I am not skipping meals. I could be drinking better and I am trying to increase fluid intake.

I need to start working for my Gold body magic award. I was a couple of weeks into it when I was unwell so I have to start again. I know it will make me feel better and I need to get motivated again, sickness or no sickness from medication.

I am looking forward to a stone award next week and if I don’t get it, it will be because of self-sabotage. I am actively thinking about free and super-free foods and hope very much I am ready to lose the weight necessary to progress.


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