Book Review: Fade To Black by MC Webb


A tale of unimaginable horror follows Piper Mitchell from adolescence to adulthood as she tries to escape the chains that hold her long after she is free. A chance meeting with one of Hollywood’s’ biggest stars, Ryan Knox, will forever change both of their lives. Venture the unknown with beauty
and the daring actor as they both are forced to endure the devastating acts of evil, yet continues fight the drowning current that threatens to pull them both under. Full of hair pin turns you will not
soon forget.


This is a highly enjoyable read, I loved the way this author knows how to stimulate emotions in her readers. Piper suffers abuse at the hands of her mother who should have been protecting her. Since then she tries to heal even though she feels “diseased” and unworthy.

Evil intervenes again in her life setting her on a course of abuse once again. However, life has a way of making its own miracles and she finds herself fighting for her loved ones, can Piper survive the odds against her?

A hugely gripping read and I would have awarded 5 stars if it had been proof read and typos and grammar corrected. This is the prequel to Black As Night, which is also currently available.

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Amazon US


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