Slimming World Silences

I have missed almost a month of Slimming World meetings. I haven’t been well and had a booked holiday. On returning to meetings I realised how much I had missed them. I missed the camaraderie, the tips, the support and enthusiasm. I also missed being among those who are dedicated to their weight loss.

Studies have shown those attending meetings and staying for them lose more weight than those who simply weigh in and leave. I can see why. Just sitting with like minded slimmers and thinking about new food options or old ones you may have not tried for a while helps you plan. Hearing the determination in others to shed pounds to reach their next target lights a fire within us to do the same. Watching slimmers get awards we aspire to somehow makes those goals more attainable and more desirable.

I cannot think of a reason why people who want to slim using Slimming World wouldn’t want to stay for the meetings. I enjoyed focussing on other people so much so I forgot to tell my group I no longer take insulin. I reached my club 10 and am now back on tablets at a low dose. I put this remarkable improvement down to a healthier diet as well as the weight loss I have had to date. I haven’t had the fastest journey and I’m a couple of pounds away from my next stone award but I feel content to be here and am determined to reach my next milestone.


I think we are fortunate to have a consultant who is dedicated to weight loss and helping us, I think finding someone with commitment, enthusiasm and charisma is a pot of gold. Add the fact that our consultant is a dedicated successful slimmer herself and has been through the ups and downs of slimming, is always trying to learn and pass on new tips means we never feel alone. We don’t feel we are being preached at or judged but supported and encouraged. It’s an invaluable hour and a half every week that makes our Slimming World journey interesting and gives us company on the way.

A big shout out to my Saturday morning group at The Hub with Denise Askew. You guys rock!



  1. Oh, my God! Congratulations on your coming off the insulin! I can only imagine how BIG this is for you! I know sometimes we go slowly, but the most important is that WE ARE GOING!

    Keep up the good work!


    p.s. thanks for liking my blog. =)


  2. I found Slimming World superb until I plateaued for nearly six months, we tried everything and nothing seemed to work. So I stopped going, gained back about a stone and then met my metor and the weight is falling off again – sometimes slowly sometimes quickly.

    Find what works for you and stick with it – whatever it is as long as it is healthy.


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