Chain Reaction

I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t pay much attention to what their actions might lead to. It’s more of a scientific hypothesis really, a null hypothesis really, people don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Like for example a simple one, buying pirated DVDs and CDs, you’re ripping off your favourite band or musician, your money is funding illegal activities that may not be limited to just pirating too.

Why oh why am I talking about pirating?? Well I’m not really I’m saying actions have consequences and in this bitter sweet mix of life we might be adding to the bitter element rather than the sweet. I believe no matter who we are we need to find balance in our lives in ourselves to be happy. OK I am no authority on being happy or healthy but I can say I feel better when I think about things and consider the other side. Doesn’t mean I necessarily agree but I do actually consider it, and if it is reasonable then I take it on board.

Choosing to wear my size 14 jeans may make me feel momentary good at the moment of wearing them, but the uncomfortable pressure on my endometrial cysts are a constant reminder of the pounds I have yet to shed and overall makes me feel fat. So I’d rather wear my comfortable size 16 jeans until they are too loose to wear.

Just as I type this blog I have been vexed as my Healthcare At Home delivery driver missed me, (how when I am at home?) he claims he knocked at 13:22, and dropped a card through my letterbox at 13:30, the latter I did hear, no idea of the former at all. After a vexed phone call he came back and I got my meds but I think the chain reaction initiated by the current warmer temperatures might be the cause of increased impatience.

I could have argued with the driver that I heard the letterbox but not his knock, but I think that would have made the encounter and indeed the day worse for both of us. I just acknowledged I missed him, thanked him for coming back and took my package. Hope he makes an effort to knock more loudly next time if the bell isn’t working like this time.

So the bottom line is think before acting and speaking. Does the other person deserve being swamped in our personal crap? After all they are doing a job they didn’t sign up to be Mother Theresa or an agony aunt. Trust me you’ll feel a lot better if you are nicer. I should put that on a t-shirt…


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