One Turkey Too Many

I think it’s safe to say that reviewing books has its ups and downs. And after reviewing 70 odd books so far this year. I need a break. I need to read my own choice of books for a while. So my reading list is on hold. I need to read in a self directed manner to reset my reviewing Mojo so without restrictions, lists, deadlines and everything that goes with reviewing. I am just going to delve into the 70 books I have waiting to be read until further notice.

I doubt my current frame of mind would be lenient with books that are a little quirky shall we say anyway. In my other life outside reviewing books, (yes I do have one!) I was bowled over and ecstatic to see Murray win Wimbledon, I have progressed losing weight, I am no longer taking insulin (hurrah!) for my diabetes and I am about to start the biggest intervention of my life regarding OCD. I say about to start but I am at the mercy of the NHS so it could be years, sorry I mean months before I am accepted in a group. The group runs for, wait for it 2 years! Yes, 2 years. Those were the 2 words flashing in my mind when I was given details.

The duration of the therapy itself puts pressure on me to change my life. If I fail to get better on 2 years of therapy what next?? My family remain the same no progress there, not that I expected any. I suppose you have to know, or even want to know how you are coming across, and have some will to be better before behavioural modification can occur. I just use it as an example of when 2 spoilt, narrow and bloody minded and incredibly self-absorbed people get together. Without the pursuit for knowledge and betterment we end up spoilt and selfish.

Anyway enough of my analysing those who have nothing to do with me. Although I will say I was tickled pink to hear my nephew achieved a level 3 at Key Stage 1. Perhaps not for the reasons I should be though. I am very happy for him and his overachieving parents, (way to go nephew!) but it was ironic that this news was sent by text to someone who has no idea what key stage 1 is and what level 3 means! From my previous blog about the passive aggression and harsh/enthusiastic tutoring I encountered of a 7 year old, I had to chuckle. Not only because I was informed he came top of the class, which isn’t exactly what the text said, but despite regular school pick ups and babysitting aside, there’s no time or indeed will to even explain Key Stages let alone what levels of achievement mean. Thank heavens the poor boy got level 3 I dread to think how much more animated tutoring could have got for him.

I was saddened tremendously to hear that my nephew wants to be lawyer because a family friend (as opposed to me a family foe) is a lawyer and drives an Aston Martin. Good job! Great way of installing values mum and dad! He doesn’t want to help those who need help, argue compelling cases, he doesn’t want to stand up for human rights but he wants an Aston Martin! “That’s my boy!” I bet you can’t wait to brag about it! I can only hope this month of Ramadan will bring some humility and balance…who am I kidding?

Anyway, I shall keep my disappointment in a jar until group.


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