Book Review: Kafira by John O’Neill


This is a story of tragedy, unrequited love, international suspense, and driving ambition to defeat the grab for world domination.

Kafira Weiss is an Israeli Biomedical Scientist whose passionate life purpose is to find a cure for the world’s most deadly disease. After a tragic beginning, Kafira becomes the World’s leading expert on the disease, working at CDC in Atlanta to continue her research as the Associate Director of the Special Pathogens Unit.

In 1981, the Supreme Leader of North Korea lands rockets on the Moon, claiming the Moon for North Korea, to the exclusion of every other nation on Earth. To force the United Nations and the Member Countries to agree to his Claim, Kim iI Jong threatens to infect the world with a deadly disease.

Shin Min Shu, is a North Korean Biomedical Scientist who has been forced to develop a more deadly strain of the virus central to the Claim. But Shin Min Shu is unhappy to be party to the killing of women and children that will inevitably occur if the United Nations rejects the North Korean Claim.

Charles Edmonds is an ex Royal Marine Commando turned Astronomer who is now the Special Assistant to the Director of NASA. Charles becomes involved in the investigation of a teenage boy’s observation of a flash on the Moon that has been reported to the FBI. The investigation reveals a ruthless organisation that will stop at nothing to ensure that the Claim is agreed.

The CIA believes that the United States is being threatened, but needs proof. Kafira, as the World’s leading expert on the disease has been requested to be part of the Lunar Module crew, to investigate the suspected presence on the Moon. Kafira agrees, and in doing so creates history as the first woman to walk on the Moon.

The desperate question facing Kafira is whether she is able to find a cure for the disease that the North Koreans intend to use before the deliberate infections reach epidemic proportions.


When the world is faced by a catastrophic virus the enigmatic Kafira lives up to her name to stave off danger.

Kafira is a world leading expert on the Ebola virus for which there is no known cure, when the North Koreans threaten to contaminate the world with such a virus unless their claim to the moon is honoured it becomes a race against time to save lives.

A gripping fast paced thriller, but unfortunately peppered with grammatical errors. The version I read could have done with a good proof-read.

Kafira Amazon UK

Amazon US


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