Book Review: Visits by John Phelps


Tony Lansing has just killed a young woman.

He’d never killed anyone before even though he’d met plenty of people who deserved it. He just never had the nerve. For sixty years, it had always been easier to turn the other cheek; to turn tail and run.

But not anymore.

Now he knows he can stand up for himself. He doesn’t need to take everything that life dishes out.

He can push back.

He can get even.

And … getting even feels pretty damn good.

So he makes a list of all the people in his life who’ve done him wrong. His ex-wife, a former lover or two, an old friend … they all make the list.

But as Tony pays unexpected and very unwelcome visits to old acquaintances, he learns that getting even has a price. A price much higher than he’s willing to pay.


Tony Lansing is about to turn 60, he’s robbed on his birthday which leads to other events which in turn push him over the edge. Tony is no longer going to be pushed around and he embarks on a journey of revenge which brings to light events in the past he knew nothing about. Events that might have ensured he led a different life.

Deluded, paranoid and bereft of any sense of responsibility Tony is a surprisingly alluring character.

This short book grabbed my attention and held it to the end. Not for the faint hearted but definitely one for those who like psychological thrillers.

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