Slimming World: Back To Basics

Since May I feel like I have been slacking off on my weight loss efforts. I have continued to go to our Slimming World meetings and I have continued to work towards the Silver Body Magic Award. I have not gained weight but I have maintained and lost little. The reasons for this stagnation in progress is my diet. I’m being sloppy: I’m not eating healthy extras as suggested every day, I’m not eating as much food and so reduced the quantity of free food in my diet which then promotes hunger and makes me crave foods with more syns. Basically I’m fighting the diet, why?

One of the reasons for this is a lack of variety in my diet, I’ve become stuck on choosing the same healthy extras, eating the same fruit and vegetables, making the same meals and not trying anything new. A lot of the slackness in my diet has come from not keeping a food diary. As much as it is a chore to write it all down its actually a very powerful tool in visually showing you what you are putting into your body. Keeping the written Slimming World Food Diary shows you how much free, super free and syned foods you are choosing daily. It not only serves as a reminder for what you have eaten but a record of the choices you are making food wise daily.


Exercise and body magic is fabulous, I notice the difference in my posture, I feel more balanced and it helps with sleep, but it cannot replace following the eating plans correctly. If done in addition to keeping a food diary when I stay on plan exercise does accelerate my weight loss. Sloppy eating choices and exercise will prevent weight gain within reason but certainly won’t promote weight loss.


The other extreme mistake is to follow the plan and have less than the recommended syns. From experience I can honestly say that having less than 5 syns a day and/or banking syns does not help my weight loss. My progress is optimal when I eat at least 5 syns a day and it gives my daily diet variety and flexibility. If we could lose faster without syns, I’m sure it would have been recommended by Slimming World.

My club 10 and next half stone award award are a few pounds away. I hope clamping down on my diet by keeping a detailed food diary this week with 100% commitment will boost this week’s weight loss. This is also my 4th week of the silver body magic award. I am 2 days of 30 minutes exercise away from getting this award too. Watch this space to see if keeping the food diary gets me out of the rut I have fallen into…

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