Book Review: The Oxygen Wasters by LA Greyson


A casual drink with a childhood friend turns Eden Franks’ quiet San Francisco life upside down, and leads him on a fast paced dangerous quest to eliminate five “Oxygen Wasters” in order to save the lives of his own family. Nine thousand miles away, a Sri Lankan housemaid fights for her life after suffering horrific torture and sexual abuse at the hands of her sadistic employers. In the isolated sand dunes on the outskirts of Dubai, a Saudi Arabian couple are kidnapped and left to die in the scorching heat. The Oxygen Wasters tells the story of how these character’s paths overlap, and how easily the line between survival and revenge becomes blurred.


I loved the premise of this group where a covert board of individuals endorse and approve vigilante activity, they appear to work with governments. I enjoyed and was intrigued with the cases where revenge was sought but I was distracted by grammatical errors and typos in this ebook, which is why I deducted a star.

It was a cathartic read and I do recommend it.

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Amazon US


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