Slimming World Success


At our last Slimming World meeting I finally got my stone award. The first half stone award seemed effortless but I really struggled with reaching a stone. My husband was losing weight beautifully, so I knew our food was optimised. I had to increase my exercise which I did and 2 weeks into working for my Bronze body magic award I finally lost 1 stone 1lb.

My Slimming World group were very supportive and our consultant, Denise knew the last half a stone was a tremendous achievement for me. I’m currently 4lbs away from my Club 10 award and 10 days away from achieving my Bronze Body Magic award.

I think I’m the lightest I have been since 2007. I am taking 2 sizes smaller in clothes from when I started. I was wearing clothes a size bigger than i needed to hide myself it seems. My insulin dose has been reduced too. I feel more energetic and my fitness level has improved, although this could be partially due to the increase in Ambrisentan dose from my last PVDU visit.

I’m eager to take my next walking test to prove I am physically fitter and my heart and lungs have benefitted from increased exercise and weight loss. I have really enjoyed walking, especially morning walks in the good weather. Going to the park to do my exercise has many benefits, not least the opportunity to fuss other people’s dogs. Being out in the morning sun at the park is an uplifting experience and I am reminded how beautiful the world is, even in the middle of Birmingham.


I feel more energetic and optimistic on my new exercise regime. I am looking forward to stepping things up to work towards my silver award in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to my Bronze award and being on the bronze tier on the body magic board at group. These little achievements pave the way to larger ones.


Being more active allows me to be more flexible with my food and I have managed eating out, and a weekend away, making sensible choices means I’ve stayed on track and being active means I am more easily forgiven for flexible syn days. I have noticed though I am awful at drinking adequately, and my fluid intake could be much better. I don’t drink caffeine or fizzy drinks at all. So there’s always something attainable to work on on the road to being healthier.


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