Strengthening my core

I have been taking the initiative and making sure I do my daily body test on the Wii Fit and have been quite impressed with the yoga poses. I have the stability of a car on its side and so this has been a challenge for me. The virtual instructors have been quite enthusiastic and after I while I didn’t notice them anymore. What I did notice though is that my posture is better and my back feels better too. On the whole I feel more balanced.

I have tried the half moon pose, warrior pose and deep breathing for a week daily and have introduced sun salutation and palm tree pose this week. I must say I unexpectedly quite enjoy it. So much so, I encouraged my husband to try yoga and he loves it too. We are dubious about doing the tree pose, we haven’t quite reached the core strength for that yet it seems, but what we can do with both feet firmly on the ground has been fun.

Add in the rhythm boxing and hoops and I am all set for aerobic exercise too. I find the slalom quite entertaining and I wind down with Zazen which helps me learn to sit still again something I haven’t done since secondary school.

My Wii Fit age may vary between 32 and 51 but I feel better for dragging out the board and strapping on the hand control. Additional activity such as walking around the local university grounds accessible to public (I am not inclined to trespass!) and gardening had also been beneficial and I look forward to completing week 3 of my bronze award. Can I achieve bronze body magic before my birthday??

It seems like I have come a long way in 2 weeks and I am anticipating a weight loss this week in meeting. I feel less achy and more energised for it and I am glad I took the leap to be more active. The benefits shine through after a week and a half of aching.


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